COE96 Noodle Sprinkles Uroboros Mardi Gras Mix

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Product information

COE96 Noodle Sprinkles Uroboros Mardi Gras Mix

System 96 Noodle Sprinkles in a 1 oz bag are fantastic accessory to embellish and add color to your fused glass projects.  All you do is sprinkle them across the surface of your artwork before fusing.  You can create symmetrical designs as well by aligning them in angular or straight lines.


  • Dimensions: 1.5 mm thick, 5 mm wide, most are approximately 1 inch long, 25 mm
  • Quantity: Each bag holds 1 oz, 28 grams, of the system 96 noodles


  • Snap them into even smaller pieces to make little squares
  • Overlay and tack fuse them to create a design to apply to the surface of your artwork.
  • Stack them and fuse together to create a mini pattern bar or Murrini for use later in fusing
  • They are also used in blown glass and lamp working or for nice bands of color in bead making

Glass Manufacture: Uroboros Glass, GNMG-96

Get Creative today using Uroboros GNMG-96 Noodle Sprinkles and Go Fusing!