COE96 Mardi Gras Glass Stringers - Noodles Tube 5 oz

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Product information

COE96 Mardi Gras Glass Noodles - Stringers Tube 5 oz

We have recreated the Uroborous Tube! System 96 compatible COE96 Noodles - Stringers are a mix of flat noodles and fine round string like pieces of glass. We have combined Oceanside Production wih Uroboros to provide a wide variety of colors in opals and transparents so you really get a great variety! A true Mardi Gras Mix! Use this fusible component as a decorative glass accessrory or use them all to create a design!  Used as fused, blown glass or lamp worked into beads. 

Glass Manufacture: Uroboros Glass Part # NS-M-96

  • Tube Dimensions: 1 inch diameter and approximately 17 inch long, ships 1st class mail or Priority!
  • Quantity:  
    - Each tube holds  5 oz, 141.75 grams of the COE96 Stringers & Noodles, approximately 9 to 10 noodles & 65 - 70 stringers.
    - Each stringer: approximately 1.5 mm thick and 17 inch in length, 43 cm.
    - Each glass noodle is flat and thin: approximately 1.5 mm thick, 5 mm wide and 17 inch in length, 43 cm.


  • Snap them into smaller pieces or use full length
  • Overlay and tack fuse them to create a design to apply to the surface of your artwork.
  • Bind them together with fiber paper, tack fuse a mini pattern Milliefiori or Murrini for use later in fusing
  • They are also used in blown glass and lamp working or for nice bands of color in bead making

Get Creative today using Uroboros NS-M-96 Stringers & Noodles and Go Fusing today!