COE96 Glass Stringer Green Family Tube 17 or 8.5 inch

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Size: 8.5" Bargain Box

COE96 Glass Stringer Green Family Tube 17 or 8.5 inch

8.5" Bargain Box
17" Tube
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Product information

COE96 Glass Stringer Green Family Tube 17 or 8.5 inch or Bits by Oceanside Compatible Glass

Oceanside System 96 compatible, COE96 Stringers in 3 sizes. Full Tube at 17 inches, Bargain Box at 8 1/2 inches or a 1 oz bag of 1/2 inch bits. Mix Greens are a versatile Green Family of colors! The mix is opals and transparent in a mix of Light Green, Medium Green, Dark Green, Amazon Green, Olive Green, and Teal Green.  Each tube provides a wide variety of colors for use as a decorative fusible component or glass accessory to create your design!  Can be used in fused, blown glass or lamp worked into beads. 

Glass Manufacture: Oceanside Compatible Glass, S-GREEN-FAM-F-1
Contains SKU: S-2222-F, S-755-F, S-622-F, S-2264-F, S-720-F, S-782-F, and S-523-F


  • Tube Dimensions: 
    - 1 inch diameter by 17 inch long (full length)
    - 1 inch diameter by 8 1/2 inch long (bargain Box)

  • Quantity:  
    - Full Length tube 17 inch holds  5 oz, 141.75 grams of the COE96 Stringers, 65 - 70 stringers
    - Bargain Box tube 8 1/2 inch holds  2.5 oz, 70.75 grams of the COE96 Stringers, 65 - 70 stringers
    - Each stringer: approximately 1.5 mm thick
  • Color Mix: Pastel Green, Fern Green, Forest Green, Amazon Green, Apple Jade, Olive Green, and Teal Green.


  • Snap them into smaller pieces or use full length
  • Overlay and tack fuse them to create a design to apply to the surface of your artwork.
  • Bind them together with fiber paper, tack fuse a mini pattern Milliefiori or Murrini for use later in fusing
  • They are also used in blown glass and lamp working or for nice bands of color in bead making

Fuse more with Oceanside S-GREEN-FAM-F-1 Stringer Mix!