COE96 Glass Shape Paw Print Lacy Heart Wafer 3 Colors

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COE96 Glass Shape Paw Print Lacy Heart Wafer 3 Colors

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Product information

COE96 Glass Shape Paw Print Lacy Heart Wafer 3 Colors

Animal Lovers or Dog Mom, our wafer glass shape of a heart with cut out paw prints create a unique lacy heart design.  The heart paw print is a universal symbol to represent a dog lover or pet memorial.  It does not matter if you own a cat or dog, a glass heart and with a pw prints pattern is perfect for making any  fused glass design.  This wafer is made from fusible COE96 glass powder in a Traditional Heart Shape. Choose from 3 colors: Pink, Red or White by glass heart set.

Fusinig a thin 1mm wafer glass shape with this many choices of sizes and colors means as a glass artist you can create and come up with any desired glass art design.

Overall Dimension: 3 inches in Diameter

Features & Glass Designer Tips :

  • Each Traditional Heart Wafer means it is symetrical in size and shape.
  • No glass tools needed for cutting glass shapes, any precut glass shape wafer can be cut with scissors! 
  • Because it is a 1 mm thick wafer it will also not at any thickness or weight to your finished art glass project.
  • No fusing supplies needed, simple place on base glass add clear powder and ramp up slowly.
  • Compatible with the same coe sheet glass, COE 96
  • For Fusing Mosaics, if other glass is 3mm and same coe glass, add clear powder frit as base and on top to increase thickness.
  • To increase color density or add shading, you can add enamel glass paint to wafer prior or after fusing
  • Make glass flowers by placing each glass heart point towards each other to form the petals
  • Because the Heart Wafers are made with opalescent glass powders, you can apply them to transparent 3mm base glass

COLORS: Oceanside Glass Frit Compatible Opalescent glass powders

Pink: 96922-FRIT-1
Red: F1-2502-F
White: F1-200-96

Quantity: 2

Dimensions: See Attached image for mm and inches

Glass Wafer Thickness: 1mm

Instructions for Successfuling Kiln Firing precut glass shapes 
Read--> What are COE 96 Glass Wafer Pre-Cuts?

Application: Glass fusing only, not intended for Stained Glass, float glass or used on a wine glass

 Accessory Glass Shapes are Made in the USA

COE 96 Glass Shaped Paw Print Heart Wafer perfect for animal lovers!