COE 96 Fusible Glass Pebbles - Christmas Mix Opaque

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COE96 Fusible Glass Pebble Polka Dot - Christmas Mix Opaque

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COE96 Fusible Glass Pebble Polka Dot - Christmas Mix Opaque

These are the perfect Christmas Mix of Red, Green and White mini pebbles!  There is an even portion of each color, making it easy display the polka dots in a pattern or uniform design. Want to design fused glass ornaments with the kids, well our Christmas Mix of pebbles will make it simply fun and fast to make those fused glass Christmas Ornaments!

All are Opaque glass, using white, Fern Green, and Red Coe96.

Size:       Approximately 1/4 inch (6-7 mm) in diameter

Quantity: Approximately 50 per bag

System 96 Small Glass Pebbles are product glass fired into a uniform sized globs of glass for fusing.  These small COE 96 fusible glass pebbles make a great addition to create a uniform polka dot pattern, for frit-casting in molds or by themselves for making glass jewelry. 

Note: If you want them to be more of a perfect circle, fire them to a full fuse so they will puddle up in a perfect round glass.