COE 96 Fusible Glass Pebbles - Multi-Color Pink Mix Opaque

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COE96 Fusible Glass Pebble Polka Dot - Multi-Color Pink Mix Opaque (96920-Pink-PS)

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COE96 Fusible Glass Pebble Polka Dot - Multi-Color Pink Mix Opaque

Four shades of Pink and a true Lavender pebbles in our Pink Mix!. They are perfect colors to use in glass jewelry, drop rings and  of course for Valentines day!  1/4 inch diameter mini polka dot pebbles!  There is an Example image showing all 4 shade of Pink and Lavender.  These pink shades of fusible glass color are a very saturated color so they will hold their opalescent effects. The blend of pink colors is an even portion of each color, so if you are creating a color block patterns it will be uniform fused glass design. If you are considering making fused glass jewelry we suggest a tack fuse to hold their shape or use them as a glass accessory to make a polka dot boarder.

All are opaque glass, using our own Coloritz COE 96 compatible Pink and Lavender colors.

Size:       Approximately 1/4 inch (6-7 mm) in diameter

Quantity: Approximately 50 per bag

Made with Oceanside Glass in the Spectrum System 96 formulas and fired to form the Small Glass Pebbles are product glass fired into a uniform sized globs of glass for fusing.  These small COE 96 fusible glass pebbles make a great addition to create a uniform polka dot pattern, for frit-casting in molds or by themselves for making glass jewelry. 

Note: If you want them to be more of a perfect circle, fire them to a full fuse so they will puddle up in a perfect round glass.