COE96 Christmas Custom Sheet Glass Poinsettia II Powder Stencil

SKU: 96-Poinsettia-II-CL-12x12
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Color of Base Sheet Glass: Clear

COE96 Christmas Custom Sheet Glass Poinsettia II Powder Stencil

Color of Base Sheet Glass
Clear Iridized
White Opal
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White Iridized Opal
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Product information

COE96 Christmas Custom Sheet Glass Poinsettia II Powder Stencil

The version II of our Poinsettia Custom Glass is also a Precut Size is 12 x 12 inches. You will notice Poinsettia II is comprised of many dots of Powdered Glass frit in this Christmas Sheet  The Version I of the powder stencil design has more of a zebra stripe to form the design of each Poinsettia Petal. Just select your base glass from Clear, White or Iridized and we do all the stencil work! We use all System 96 base glass and Oceanside Compatible 96 COE Accessory Glass Components.

Poinsettia II is an Christmas instant holiday fused glass design. You can instantly add  a little twinkle by selecting an Iridized base sheet glass! Three colors of Fusible Accessory Glass components are used: Red, Yellow and Aventurine Green powdered glass frit.  The Aventurine green is the leaves in the background so you it will add some depth and twinkle.  The main poinsettia petals are red opal and the smaller ones are in a darker custom mix red opal to add dimension.  As a 12 x 12 it  size it is ready to create a holiday serving dish or a charger plate.

Note: Because this design is a custom hand made fusible glass sheet glass so it can add 2 to 4 days to your order shipment! 

Base and Accessory Glass: Oceanside Oceanside Compatible Sheet Glass 96 COE in Spectrum Glass formulas

  • All Accessory components are by Oceanside Compatible in 96 COE.
  • Glass Frit by Oceanside Compatible Sheet Glass 96 COE
  • SKU: 96-Christmas-Poinsettia-II
  • Base Color: Clear, Clear, White or Iridized
  • Category: Customizable Specialty Glass by Coloritz™
  • Texture: Minimal, semi smooth and back side is smooth
  • Opacity: base glass determined
  • Stringers: Red, Sunshine Yellow & Aventurine Green Opal
  • Classification: Handmade System 96® Sheet Glass

Precut Glass Sizes: 

12 inches x 12 inches (304 mm x 304 mm)

  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Made in USA
  • Kiln Fired to a Tack Fuse and ready for additional firing up to a Full Fuse
  • Use: Stained Glass or Glass Fusing

  • Glass Fusing Informational Tips

    Tip 1: Did you know cutting Custom COE96 Sheet Glass is best done from the backside?  Lay a thin towel down and place the textured streamer side down,  The score the glass.  Flip it over, textured side up to break.

    Tip 2: If you want to add more accessory glass to the surface of the sheet to customize, we recommend not covering the existing noodles with an additional layer of texture to maintain the design.

    Tip 3: Slumping recommendations would be a slump at a slightly higher temperature tack fuse but hold for 20 minutes to preserve the reed texture and still attain the desired slump shape.

     This design is a custom hand made fusible sheet glass so it can add 2 days to your order shipment!