COE 96 Fusible Glass Pebbles - Black Opaque

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Product information

COE96 Fusible Glass Pebbles - Black Opaque

Available in 1/2"

Size:       Approximately 1/2" (12.7 mm) in diameter and 6.7 mm thick
Quantity: Approximately 25 per bag

Size:       1/4 inch (6-7 mm) in diameter
Quantity: Approximately 50 per bag

Glass Manufacture

Oceanside Compatible (Spectrum Glass Company formulas)

Black Opaque Glass: 1009S-F

System 96 Glass Pebbles are product glass fired into a uniform sized globs of glass for fusing.  These COE 96 fusible glass pebbles make a great addition for frit-casting molds or by themselves for making glass jewelry. Pebbles are also sometimes called glass globs.

Note: If you want them to be a perfect circle, fire them to a full fuse so they will puddle up in a perfect round glass.