Stencil Chrysanthemum Flower Pattern Powder Specialty Glass COE96

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Size: 12" x 12" Clear

Stencil Chrysanthemum Flower Pattern Powder Specialty Glass COE96

12" x 12" Clear
12" x 12" White
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Example 2 Stencil Chrysanthemum Flower Pattern Powder Specialty Glass COE96, SKU 96-Chrysanthemum-Pattern
Size: 12" x 12" Clear

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Product information

Stencil Chrysanthemum Flower Pattern Powder Specialty Glass COE96.

This is a custom Handmade full coverage specialty glass on a white or clear base COE96 sheet glass. As a Specialty Glass, each precut shape is unique as the pattern and the colors may change.  Each piece will always be in vibrant colors that will show on clear or white base glass.  Of course a White opal base glass will really make the colors pop!  If you select clear, it is on Ice Clear and you can fire it over any base glass color or clear.

The Chrysanthemum flowers are available in a wide array of colors and each sheet will be unique with colors from white, to yellow and gold, pink, orange, bronze, deep red, maroon, violet and purple.  The flower pattern may also change.

Flowers in general are indicative of rebirth, new beginnings and eternal life. Much of the same feelings that occur each Spring and unrequited love The Chrysanthemums flower specifically symbolizes optimism and joy. They are also known as the November birth flower, the 13th wedding anniversary flower and they are officially flower of the city of Chicago.

Once you select the glass base, we do all the work and we shipped to you. Use it as is or add your own glass embellishments, a layer of clear frit or clear glass or place it on top of another base glass and fire in your kiln.

  • Glass Manufacture: Oceanside Compatible Sheet Glass 96 COE System 96 glass and components.
  • Part #: 96-Chrysanthemum-Pattern
  • Base Glass Color: Clear or White Opal
  • Powder Frit Color: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple and even shade of green
  • Category: Specialty Glass
  • Texture: Powder will have a Texture will flatten at a slump or full fuse, back is smooth
  • Opacity: Opalescence to Opaque
  • Classification: System 96® by Oceanside
  • Powder Stencil Size:
    4 1/2 inches diameter (114.3mm) with each knot sized at 1 1/4 inch
  • Precut Sheet Glass Base:
    12 inches x 12 inches (304.6mm x 304mm)
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Made in USA
  • Kiln Fired to a Tack Fuse and ready for additional firing up to a Full Fuse