Christmas Santa Decal Fused Glass Ceramics

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Christmas Santa Decal Fused Glass Ceramics

There is a long history with the wonderful legend of Santa and it can be traced thru the very name. Santa Klaus or Santa Claus is associated with Saint Nicholas who was supposed to bring gifts to the children on the eve of Christmas.  But, Santa is short for Santa Claus, and is the Spanish & Italian for a female saint. Example: when the word saint is used before the given name female saint, it is written like this: Santa Rosa.  Then there are religious associations such as in classical Latin sanctus means holy.

What ever name you call him, we all love Santa Claus!

Christmas Santas, Set of 4 for Fusible Ornament size decals:

Use: Fusible glass or ceramic decals are best fired at a tack fuse as a surface decal on a white or light background to increase the color intensity.   * Special Note: Reds in decals are very sensitive to heat. It is recommended to fire only to a tack fuse and do not use any soak time.

1 Old World Santa (2 7/8 H x 2 W) inches
1 Santa with Gifts (2 3/4 H x 2 1/4 W inch) inches
1 Santa Head (2 3/4 Diameter)
1 Santa Boot with Gifts  ( 2 3/4 H x 2 1/4W)

LOW to HI FIRE: Can be kiln fired from 1,225 to 1,325 F degrees. (Best as a tack fuse to preserve color clarity.)