Christmas Ornament Glass Decal Snowmen Family

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Christmas Ornament Glass Decal Snowmen Family (33670)

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Christmas Ornament Glass Decal Snowman Family

There is a Snow-mom, Snow-dad, Snow-kids and even Grandma and Grandpa! Snowmen make perfect for Christmas Ornaments or Plates! Fusible Glass Enamel Decal LOW to Hi Fire  (Used as a surface kiln fired glass decal.)

Each Snowman Trio Decal when cut out is 3 W x 2 H inches. 
Each Individual Snow person is 1/2 W x 2 inches H

These are best used as a surface fired decals on a light colored base to make the colors pop.
(Do not cap with glass or the color may fade.)

LOW to HI FIRE: Can be kiln fired from 1,225 to 1,325 F degrees. (Tack fuse to preserve color clarity)