COE96 Glass Frit Snow - White Enamel Opal Fine Compatible

SKU: 96905-FRIT-Enamel
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Product information

COE96 Glass Frit Snow - White Enamel Opal Fine Compatible

Our Fine White Glass Frit Enamel is a very opaque white.  You only need a little.  It is not designed to be used by itself but rather added to the top of other white frit as it is very dense and not designed to fuse by itself.

Sprinkle it over the top of your other white frit or other designs and fire, it comes out looking like snow!  Especially if it is fired to a tack fuse!   Create snow drifts of a sparkling white frit  that creates a true dense white over regular Oceanside Compatible 96 white glass frit.  You can use it as a base layer for a less dense white appearance. 

  • Glass Manufacture: It is from the Blown Glass industry and is Oceanside Compatible 96 COE Glass
  • Color: White
  • Category: Single Color
  • Grain Sizes: 
    - Fine: .25mm to .75mm 
  • Quantity:
    - 2 oz. Bag (56.7 Gram)

  • Opacity: Solid Opal
  • Classification: System 96® compatible
  • Production: Germany
  • Applications: Blown Glass, Fused Glass Artwork & Can bond to some metals.

Go Fusing today with Glass Frit Snow White Enamel Opal Frit for your Winter Designs!