Cat Paw Print Frit Cast Mold

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Cat Paw Print Frit Cast Mold

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Cat Paw Print Frit Cast Mold

There are 2 Cat Paw Print are in this a Warm Glass frit cast mold. Create a glass Paw Print in 2 sizes, just as in nature front and back feet are different sizes. This mold will allow you create more realistic paw prints and in small sizes then our standard paw print casting mold.

There are indents for the claws as well and the texture paw print. 

Fill the mold with glass frit or scrap glass. For depth use a clear or transparent glass and adding a top layer of an opal glass to intensify the color.

  • Mold Dimensions: 6" Long x 3" Width x 1 1/4" Deep (15.2 cm L x 7.6 cm W x 10.8 cm D)
  • Inside mold dimensions: 
    Small Paw Print 
    1.5 W" x 1.5" H x 1/2" D (3.8 cm L x 3.8 cm W x 1.27 cm D)
    Larger Paw Print 2 W" x 2" H x 1/2" D (5 cm L x 5 cm W x 1.27 cm D)
  • Frit Required to fill Each of 4 Mold: .6 ounces (17 Grams)

TIP: Mold should always be elevated on kiln posts for proper air circulation.

Make a Creative Glass Cat Paw Print in this Frit Cast Mold!