Butterfly Triple Pendants Frit Cast Mold

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Butterfly Triple Pendants Frit Cast Mold, SKU 412GF-7017

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Butterfly Triple Pendants Frit Cast Mold

This Butterfly Frit Cast Mold makes it Triple the production so you can fuse 3 pendants at a time!.  Fill your mold in layers to give your butterflies extra dimension.  Always use the opal as the last layer to form a base background. Making and precut glass shape in a frit mold allows you the option of adding a bail during kiln firing if you insert a wire or twisted fiber rope to form a hole before filing completely with glass. Fill with your favorite frit, Milliefiori or Murrinit to give it your personal touch.

When kiln firing a frit mold full of glass, we alway recommend you layer several coats of kiln wash and fire the mold to at least 200 degrees to cure the kiln wash before filling with glass frit.

  • Fused Glass Dimensions: 1.75" Wide x 1.5" High ( 4.45 x 3.8 cm)
  • Mold dimensions:   4.75 x 4.75"  (12 x 12 cm)
  • Each Butterfly Requires approximately .6 ounces (17 Grams) of frit

TIP: Mold should always be elevated on kiln posts for proper air circulation.

Creative Glass Butterfly Triple Pendants in this Frit Cast Mold!