Butterfly Kaleidoscope Decal Fused Glass Ceramic Waterslide

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Product information

Butterfly Kaleidoscope  Decal Fused Glass Ceramic Waterslide

Colorful Butterflies in a Small pattern in Pinks and Teal. A wide variety of Butterfly types gives you many ways to selective cut out each butterfly and apply to create your own artwork designs.

Size: Each Butterfly ranges in size from 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches (.125 to 31.75) diameter 
Butterfly decals colors: Pink and, Teal and each is outlined in black Cut them up to use individually or great for Plate Centers or boarders, Photo Frames, and more, Fusible Glass Decal (Used as a surface-only kiln-fired glass decal)

Sheet Dimensions:  8 1/2 inch x 8 1/2 inch (215.9 mm x 215.9 mm)

Use: Butterflies are a Kiln Fire Decal also called a Waterslide Glass Decal. These are surface-fired decals (do not cap with glass or the color may fade).

Low to Hi Fire: Can be kiln fired from 1,225 to 1,325 F degrees. (Lower temperature may preserve color clarity