Bubble Paint Booster 1/2 ounce

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Product information

Bubble Paint Booster for Glass Fusing is used for mixing with "our" bubble paint colors to intensify the bubbling power (NOTE: should be used very sparingly as too many bubbles will cause the top layer of glass to become thin and brittle, causing it to break during firing or after cooling.)
Size: 2 ounces

APPLICATION: (For use for mixing with the dry bubble paints or sprinkled over applied bubble paints before firing between the glass layers.) 

It can also be mixed with the medium and the bubble paint powders before placement on the glass and before capping with a clear glass. 

NOTE: Use very sparingly. 

Best Results: Fire to a full fuse of at least 1440º F or cone 015-016 in a ceramic or a glass kiln. Fast or Quick Fires produce the most consistent results.