Glass Glue E6000 Adhesive Craft Adhesive .18 or 2 or 3.7 oz

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Size: 4 @ .18 ounce

Glass Glue E6000 Adhesive Craft Adhesive .18 or 2 or 3.7 oz

4 @ .18 ounce
3.7 ounce
2 ounce
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Product information

Glass Glue E6000 Adhesive Craft Adhesive  .18 or 2 or 3.7 oz

E6000 bonds glass to metal and dries clear; Very effective for bonding Glue on Bail to Fused Glass Jewelry cabochons. The adhesive is formulated to meet the needs specific to a fused glass craft.

It outperforms a typical superglue because of its thicker viscosity. It is important to let it fully cured for 24 Hours for a tight bond.

Dries clear, can be painted and it is acid free.

E6000 bonds permanently to multiple products: wood, metal, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, leather, rubber, vinyl, and most plastics. E-6000 unique adhesive formula meets most high-performance industrial requirements, making it an exceptional craft adhesive. Features: water-proof, flexible, non-flammable, photo-safe, and paintable E-6000 is perfect for the artist, crafter, or hobbyist as a go-to glue when needing an all-around adhesive! Try the smaller size 4 pack to make it portable for on-the-go adhesive needs or as a class material per student.

Tube Sizes: 4 pack of .18 oz, 2 oz or 3.7 oz.

E-6000 Material Safety Data Sheet

We also recommend it for use for the DYI Night Kits when you need to bond your clip to the glass night light covers!

Get creative with E6000 Glass Glue and let this adhesive take your design and craft to a new level!