96-COE Scrap Glass Pack -Clear Fusible Sheet Glass

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2 lbs of 96-COE Scrap Glass Pack -Clear Fusible Sheet Glass (96-Scrap-Clear)

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96-COE Scrap Glass Pack -Clear Fusible Sheet Glass 100-3SF 

A 2 lb Box and the majority of the scrap glass packs are not small bits and pieces but each is a good size to allow you to cut into smaller pieces for your fused glass projects. Clear transparent gives almost any artwork a finished appearance. Clear is a stable for every Glass Art Studio.  Starting with a blank slate, you can create a custom glass design by adding colors and layering clear.  Great for pot melts or layering vitrograph pots.

  • Glass Manufacture: Oceanside Compatible Spectrum System 96® Sheet Glass 96 COE
  • Part #: SP 100
  • Color: Clear Transparent
  • Category: Single Color, N/A
  • Texture: Smooth Double Rolled
  • Opacity: Transparent
  • Classification: System 96®
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Made in Mexico