96 COE Pearlescent Glass Pebbles - Clear Transparent

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Product information

96 COE Pearlescent Glass Pebbles - Clear Transparent (1 per order initially)

96 COE Pearlescent Glass Pebbles 1/4". A Rainbow of 8 shimmering light and darker colors and very pearl like looking. They round with a flat bottom. They look like Pearl Beads but are made of Fusible 96 COE glass and the color will intensify depending upon the base glass they are placed upon!

If you like glitter and glam in a fusible glass accessory then these 1/4 inch pebbles won't disappoint!  They are perfect for holiday decorations like Christmas and for fused glass jewelry, they will be a wow factor!

Size:       1/4 inch (6-7 mm) in diameter
Quantity: Approximately 30 per bag

Glass Manufacture

Oceanside Compatible (Spectrum Glass Company formulas)

Clear Transparent Glass: 100-SF

The pearlescent treatment over a clear Transparent means they will reflect a lot light and the base color may shine thru but and alter or deepen the color.

There are 8 shimmering colors:

Sunlit Cactus: A lighter tone of Yellow Gold.
Eldorado Red Gold: A red/gold, closer to a Rose Gold
Yellow Gold: A Yellow tone gold, closer to a Aztec Gold.
Russet Gold: A Chocolate Gold with Copper undertone.
Blue pearl: Base color of white with Blue reflective hues
Green pearl: Base color of white with Green reflective hues
Gold pearl: Base color of white with Gold reflective hues
Violet pearl: Base color of white with Violet reflective hues

They are made to tack fuse to your glass at around 1,340 degree F. but you can of course glue them to any surface.  If you choose to full fuse you will loose some of the pearlescent reflectiveness as the glass molecules start moving during a full fuse and can roll the costing into the glass but they will still be very shinny!

90 COE Tip: Did you know that you can add any 96 COE 96 to a 90 COE as a tack fuse as long as you do not exceed 10% of the surface?

Made in the USA by Glass Artist Ann Sanborn