96 COE Glass Shape Precut Small Dragonfly Wafer Parts

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Product information

96 COE Glass Shape Precut Small Dragonfly Wafer Parts

Makes two small fusible precut 96 COE Glass Dragonfly Shapes and you can position or customize their wing parts! They are covered in a Pearlescent Interference Powder Colors to give a Blue or Violet Iridescent shimmer! 
The colors and reflectiveness of the Pearlescent will intensify with firing and shift.
Assembled they are 3 inch across and 2 inches long. You can cut to fit smaller areas.
Each dragonfly part is only 1 mm thick.  Because they fire smooth, they are perfect for projects where you do not want to add thickness to the glass, like night light covers.

The beauty of powdered wafers is that you can position the wings, cut them with scissors to make them smaller or spread each wing a part.  Overall the design will fit in a 3 inches in diameter.

As with all wafers we suggest a light coating of water clear powder to reduce shrinkage. 

The Dragonfly can mean hope, change, and love and has been the symbol of a new beginning for hundreds of years.

When firing, make sure to go slow and read the blog article (below).  The wafer will fire flat and smooth but if you are adding frit you can leave them dimensional at a tack fuse.  If you decide to fire the entire design to a full fused, then we recommend adding clear power frit over the entire tree.  then any layer medium frit.  

Example shows a Fused Glass Dragonfly Project using small pieces of glass Stringer.

Oceanside Glass Color Mix:

COE 96
Sea Green
Powder  F1-5281-F
Fine  F2-5281-F 
Water Clear Powder F1-00-96
Light Blue Transparent F1-132-F

Wafer Shape Dimensions: 
Dragonfly Wafer:
 3 inches in diameter (3 x 2)

Glass Manufacturer: Oceanside Compatible using Spectrum Glass Frit Powders color formulas

Glass Thickness: 1mm

Recommended ReadingWhat is a COE 96 Precut Glass Wafer?
(Includes Kiln Firing Schedule for Glass Wafers)

Accessory Glass Precut Shapes: Made in the USA