23 Colors Sample Set: Enamel Decal Fused Glass Ceramic Waterslide

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Product information

Sample set of 23 Solid Colors of Enamel decal fused glass or ceramic waterslide decal.

Don't want to paint but still want color? Fused glass enamel decals can be cut out to whatever design desired.   This versatile waterslide decal can be fired Low to Hire Fire for a ceramic or glass application!  

All though best at a Tack fuse, lower temperatures and as a surface decal, the color will not tolerate Microwave applications because temperature are not controlled. Firing Temperatures: 1250 to 1350 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best to test fire each color with your specific glass and kiln temperatures.  

  • Dimensions:  2 x 2 inch (50 mm x 50mm)
  • 23 Solid Enamel colors
  • Low to Hi Fire fusible decal 1250 to 1350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Application: Glass or Ceramics
  • Cut with a cutting machine, scissors or paper punch

Instructions are included but it is always important to remove dirt and oils from your hands and glass surface before applying.  We also recommend using distilled water when soaking any decal so you are assured there are no minerals to alter results. 

Go Fusing today by adding Colors to any glass with a solid color enamel waterslide decal!