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Fabricating Unique Glass Solutions is our Go Fusing Specialty

We have been manufacturing and fabricating 96 Coe fused glass products for our customers since 2000.  COE96 is also called COE 96 and 96 COE.  We started out making 96 COE glass accessory products like Precut Glass Shapes made using waterjet cutting methods. Over the years we have expanded to filling the need for several of the missing Uroboros Custom Glass Product lines when they were sold to Oceanside Glass.  We started by reproducing the Confetti Glass Shards and the beloved Specialty Fusible 96 COE Sheet Glasses, Mardi Gras and Collage glass Fracture Streamer styles. In the process of using various glass melting techniques and varied technologies, we have expanded the Custom Specialty Sheet 96 Glass product lines with our own Custom Collage Mixes and created Linear glass using Streamers and Reed Glass.

Ann Sanborn, President
To insulate us from the fluctuating availability of 96 COE glass during the buyout of Spectrum Glass and Uroboros Glass, we have sourced our own 96 COE raw materials and combined them with existing sheet glass product lines previously manufactured by Spectrum Glass (System 96 compatible) and currently produced by Oceanside Glass. This allowed us to continue to offer colored sheet glass and custom designs when only clear, black and white sheet glass was available.   


Fabricating Unique Glass Supply is our Go Fusing Specialty

As a Fused Glass Manufacturer our Glass Supply is branded as Coloritz tm. Since 2000, our 96 COE fusing glass product lines of accessory glass that are compatible with oceanside glass and have provided unique solutions for our customers first as Glass Art Patterns and to as Go Fusing. We started making accessory glass components like Precut Glass Shapes made using waterjet cutting methods. Over the years we have expanded the fusing glass needs with several of the missing Uroboros Custom Sheet Glass Product lines, when they were sold to Oceanside Glass.   We started by reproducing the Confetti Glass Shards which have been the foundation of Art Glass Supplies for over 40 years. and then took on the beloved COE 96 "Specialty" Sheet Glasses: Mardi Gras transparent glass and Collage glass in the Fracture Streamer glass styles which are a semi texture glass.. Both the Mardi Gras and Collage Sheet Glasses were also popular for used in Stained Glass and copper foil patterns and designs.

In the process of using various glass melting techniques and varied technologies, we have expanded the Spectrum Glass Custom Specialty Sheet Glass product lines as well with our own Art Glass in Custom Collage Mixes and have created own line Linear glass and Custom Glass Sheets. These same designs can be part of your Stained Glass Supplies. 

To insulate us from the fluctuating availability of 96 COE glass during the buyout of Spectrum Glass and Uroboros Glass, we sourced our own COE 96 COE glass raw materials and starting combining with them existing available base sheet in clear, black and white. The base sheet glass product lines were produced and glass manufactured by Spectrum Glass as System 96 and today is known as Oceanside Compatible. 

These Art Glass styles allowed them to be used in a fusing project, stained glass design and not even the scrap glass will go unused as each piece is unique. Most of  the 96 COE Sheet Glass starts with transparent glass as the base and when layered with texture glass turns into a piece of art on its own. 

There is no need for a glass tools or a glass cutter as we offer each coe sheet glass in multiple precut glass sizes to fit your fusing mold. Stay tuned as we are working on offering glass pack. 

The Coloritz tm 96 COE Glass Product Lines includes:

Confetti Glass Shards:

Using Blown glass techniques and scrap glass all in 96 COE raw materials we offer these wonderful thin shards of glass color in over 30 colors and combinations. Many Glass Artist consider the application of Confetti Glass as substitute for glass painting.

Uroboros Specialty Sheet Glass Reproduction's

Art Glass Supplies are torched in layers of Streamers and Bits and/or confetti glass shards that randomly dispersed over a base sheet glass  and melted using firing schedules for a tack fuse.  This allow the Glass Artist to fire later at high temperatures and add create their own glass styles, depth, reliefs or glass shapes. Each piece is hand made glass that is fabricated to be unique and custom. We fast track the traditional methods of fusing glass so many sheets can be produced at the same time and anneal in a day with just one kiln firing. All Sheet Glass is compatible with any COE 96 Oceanside Glass, Youghiogheny Glass, or Wissmach Glass.

Go Fusing has been able to do continuous firings with our specialized techniques resulting in reviving the desirable Uroboros Specialty Glass using Oceanside Compatible. Uroboros was known as the Van Gogh of Custom Art Glass. Using our fusing techniques and firing schedules we strive to achieve an affordable version of Sheet glass Styles with the same unique appearance.

Glass Pebbles

These gorgeous globs of glass are available in consistent sizes of 1/4 inch dot size and the 1/2 inch traditional size.  They are available in Transparent and Opalescent colors so you can make pebble art glass, decorative boarders and fused glass jewelry cabochons. We try to have consistent glass sizes by cutting each pebble a standard size from sheet glass or glass rods.

Dicro Dazzlers:

These are Dichroic Glass made into dazzling tiny dots of dichroic balls of fusible glass from 1mm to 3mm sizes. There are no limits to the uses a glass artist can have when the need arises to accentuation fused glass artwork. In particular, they are fantastic for a fused glass jewelry supplies staple to use in your designs to add a touch of elegance or accent to your final cabochon. Did you know that the coe dichroic glass is compatible with any glass when they are this small?

Precut Glass Shapes:

Available in the traditionally 3mm thick precut circles and glass shapes and also now available in newest thin 1 mm Precut Glass Wafer Shapes created using Glass Frit Powders. The precut wafer shapes and precut circles will become your favorites for making night lights because there is no need for fancy hand tools, fusing tools, kiln accessories or drill bits, you can cut them with a pair of scissors. Best of all, they add not weight to final fused glass design or add any thickness! Precut glass shapes and wafers can be use with Iridescent glass as well.


We recently start manufacturing Millefiori and Murrini and in geometric shapes. Traditionally Millefiori is made by starting with a bundle of glass rods, heating them and then pulling them in the molten stage and after annealing, slicing them into smaller pieces.  We are in the experimenting and testing states to take glass design and manufacturing in a different direction to give you the unique fused glass glass accessories you expect from us.  Stay tuned as our Millefiori and Murrine take on a new look and shape direction.

Fusible Glass Decals: 

We first created our own Fine Line Designs in Hi Fire Enamels that can be fused to any COE of Glass and also be applied to casted glass frit, Ceramics application and with Metal Clay. The size and multiple of each design is intentionally laid out for fused glass jewelry designs. There are two styles: one for fused glass jewelry and the other is an over all pattern that allows you to do full coverage or selective cutting for larger glass designs.  Your Jewelry Supplies should absolutely include these fusible decals. Available in Hi Fire Black, White and in a Hi Fire Gold. As with all fused glass decals, it is best to do your full fuse first and then when you fire at a tack fuse your decals will not distort or thin out as they can when on the surface of molten glass. Instructions are included with suggested firing schedules. Complete your cabochon by choosing your Jewelry Findings to compliment your decal design.

We also offer around 300 other decals that range from Solid Enamel Colors, Full Sheet colorful patterns to prepackage bundles for most any fusing project.

Make Go Fusing your only Glass Supplier for all your fusing supplies , stained glass supplies, Night Lights, fusing tools and more!

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