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(Molds and Sheet Glass and some Display Stands are not included and only charged by weight)

Special Note: Cost are auto generated by USPS during checkout but...  
Not to Worry! We Refund Shipping Overcharges once we Ship your order

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NOTE: Please do not attempt to double dip or abuse our offers as this can delay shipment of your order.  We review all orders and hold orders when misuse use of offers occurs.  We will contact you by email to determine which offer you prefer and/or for any additional payments due.

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Minimum Order $60 is required and Sheet Glass & Molds and some Display stands are not included (we are working to included these in the future)
NOTE: Look at the detail page of any item to what discounts apply

- Offer Free Shipping for the US customers ALL The Time
- Offset International Shipping costs by offering a regular 10% discount on shipping cost
- Offer 1st class mail.
- Offer a weight based price versus dimensional costs to reduce the auto generate shipping cost by USPS.

Click Here for-->International Customers Suggestions:
-  Ship to a US address (BUT you may not combine any International coupons with a Free Shipping offer)
-  Use our weekly International coupon in our newsletter to offset shipping costs.
-  Use 1st class mail up to 4 lbs, 1.8 kg.  It may take longer (approximately 1 week more) but you can save shipping costs.
-  Use the comment box at checkout to tell us your Import Tax rates, date needed by, or special packing needs. 

COUPONS:  Always Enter the code in ALL Capital letters.

Active retail coupons and discounts are limited time offers and defined in our newsletters. 

- We offer Retail and Wholesale Coupons and Discounts, only one offer based upon your customer group, may be used at one time.

-  Because our customer base is comprised of US and International customers, we offer separate US and International coupons based upon the country you live in.  You may not use both US and International coupons. Coupon trickery can make your order held from being processed and require a request for payment for the value the offer deducted from your order.

- Coupons are separate offers from Discounts and it is important to read the promotion as you may not always be able to use both a Coupon and a Discount at the same time.  The good news is that Discounts will automatically be applied so you only need to enter a coupon during checkout.


- Discounts automatically apply only coupons require an entry during checkout.

- Discounts may be for a single item, a category or website wide so it is important to reference the details of our offer in the newsletter or on our home page.

- We have more than one level of Wholesale accounts each with their own set discounts.

- Wholesale accounts are based upon staying qualified by the documentation provided and the total volume ordered quarterly.

- Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts. Example: Discount promotion site wide of 10%, will not apply to items already discounted such as clearance items or in conjunction with a wholesale level coupon.

We love our customers in the glass industry and as a small business are trying our best to service our customers and provide great offers!  We hope the above information helps clarify our offers.

We sincerely appreciate your honest intentions and "Thank You" for choosing to shop with us at Go Fusing! 

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