96 COE Glass Supplier of Coloured Glass Sheets by Oceanside

Colored Glass in the US or UK is Coloured Glass. What ever term, make Go fusing is your retail supplier of 96 COE Coloured Sheet Glass! Did you know that Spectrum Glass is now made by Oceanside Glass and it is still System 96® tested compatible! Many Stained Glass Suppliers are now a 96 COE compatible and can be fully fused!

Oceanside Glass is often referred to as Oceanside compatible and is now manufacturing original Stained Glass designs by Spectrum and Uroboros as System 96® tested formulas. All Coloured Sheet Glass are available as precut into industry standard inch sizes: 6 x 6, 6 x 12 and 12 x 12. 

Go Fusing Supplies some Youghiogheny COE96 tested compatible sheet glass, like Pink in transparent and opalescent!

Go Fusing also makes custom handmade fusible Sheet Glass in many of the Uroboros Specialty Glass styles like: Mardi Gras and Collage.


96 COE Supplier of Oceanside Sheet Glass *Go Fusing Handmade Custom Specialty Designs.

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