COE 96 Precut Glass Shapes and Wafers Spectrum Glass - Oceanside Glass

COE96 glass Precuts are 3mm Cut Glass and Precut 1 mm Wafers and Wafer Cut Out shapes are a fusible Glass Accessory. Go Fusing offers the basic Glass Shapes like a Glass Circle, Heart and Stars to more intricate Wafer Cut Out designs. These decorative pre cuts are all 96 coe glass using Spectrum Glass formulas by Oceanside Glass. Fusible precut glass is also System 96® tested compatible. Precut Glass Shapes are fusible precut glass from 3mm thick sheet glass or made with mostly opalescent glass powders into a wafer, at 1 mm thick. Pre cuts are a glass artist best friend when glass fusing by elimination hand cutting shapes and grinding. Transparent 3mm in clear provide the most versatility to customize your colors. Wafer glass precut shapes provide the least amount of weight and allow the glass designer the freedom to custom cut glass with just scissors. Both forms of glass can be fired in a kiln or a microwave kiln. They can also be used in glass molds but if you are using  draping molds we recommend performing a tact fuse first. Our precuts are designed for glass fusing and are not stained glass ready. There are no glass tools or special fusing supplies needed..

Go Fusing today with COE 96 Precut fusible Glass Shapes and Wafers!

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