Satin Shimmers

Satin Shimmers

Fusible Satin Shimmers Glass Decal

Fusible Glass Decals in Satin Shimmers: Select from Clear and Black Enamel backed, this makes the decal.  For  best results fire to a Tack Fuse to maintain straight edges and deep color. i.e Fused glass is not moving at lower temperatures. Temperature range: 1225 - 1440 degrees.

The versatile firing range for Kiln Fired Decals allows them to be used for: Fusible Glass, Enameled Metals, Torch Fired and Ceramic application. Most are best applied as a surface decal but many and are used at higher temperatures for a Glass Embellishment in fused glass and kiln fired ceramics.

Go Fusing and an elegant Satin Shimmer Glass Decal! 

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