Glass Fusing Supplies - Kiln Supplies - Accessories

Fusing Supplies

Glass Fusing Supplies - Kiln Supplies - Accessories

Do you need Fused Glass Fusing Supplies, Tools or Kiln Accessories? Then you have to love Glass Fusing's line of Supplies and at an affordable pricing with some Free US Shipping options (does not include sheet glass or mold products)! Quality and Brand Name Manufacturers are the key to keeping your love of fused glass or stained glass active.  So get your kiln fired up!

Just need to restock a consumable like Shelf Paper or Kiln Wash?  Visit our Free US Shipping under Deals

Glass Cutting ToolsGlass Adhesives and Night Light Kits are essential glass accessories for creating Kiln formed fused glass.  

You will find all of your favorite quality suppliers: Bullseye, Creative Craftsmen, Fuse Master, Morton, Spectrum by Oceanside, Thompson Enamels, Toyo, and Many More!

The key to happy fusing, is keeping your glass studio stocked with all of the daily consumable supplies to keep your kiln hot and your glass warm and formed! Every glass artist can use scrap glass and some glass accessories to create that next fused glass art. Without having the proper supplies on hand like a glass separator from kiln wash or paper, you have to stop the creative flow.

Go Fusing has made sure you can get as little or as much as you want to fit your studio budget and get the supply shipped to you quickly. Did you know if you contact us that you can “pre-order” almost any kiln accessories of glass fusing supplies? Even better, we can normally get it in stock within a week.

Lastly, make sure you create a login account. You can create project lists of all the supplies and fusible glass accessories you will need and allows you to plan your budget to create your artwork or quote that next commission! If you find you need a large quantity of a specific item or need to know the lead time to get an unusual item, just contact us and we can usually give you more information to assist in your project planning or quickly research availability!

Go Fusing with our variety of Fusible Glass Supplies today!