COE96 Glass Frit on Sale - Oceanside Compatible System 96®

COE96 Frit on Sale in System 96® is everyone's dream! Go Fusing is an Oceanside Compatible Spectrum Glass Frit Retailer.
Did you know that we offer Free US Shipping on $60 orders (not including sheet Glass or Molds)? 

System 96® is now Oceanside Compatible but still comes in the quality Frit Grains of Medium, Fine or Powder. Coarse and Mosaic Grain sizes are used for specific fused glass artwork. All COE96 Glass Frit is offered in Opal or Transparent! COE96 Frit as a glass component is the most versatile and has inspired art forms such as Glass Frit Painting and ceramic Frit Molds!  Add a full color spectrum to your studio! and check out our Coloritz tm Brand for colors just not available any more like our Pinks and Lavender Opals!

Go Fusing today with System 96® Glass Frit in all of your fused designs!

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