Flared Bowls



Materials List for COE 90 & COE 96 Glass Project
(Fused glass products available below)

- Fusible Precut White Glass Circle 
- Fusible Precut Clear Glass Circle

- Try our conceiere Cutting services.  Chose any fusible sheet glass and ask us to cut a circle to the desired size needed.
- The mold in this project can use a 6 or 8 inch circle

Firing Schedules: For 1 layer run a slump fuse. For two layers of glass it is recommended to fully fused, cool, apply decals and them slump fuse into your mold.  Important:  The larger the circle, the longer and slower the cooling down segment in the program should be for annealing the glass or simply turn off the kiln after maximum temperature has been reached and leave the kiln cool down without opening it until it reaches room temperature.

How to convert cones to Fahrenheit Degrees

- Decorative Bowl can be 1 layer of Glass
- Functional bowls should be 2 layers of glass using either 2 white or 1 white and 1 clear cap fully fused together.
- Kiln Washed Molds: Mold should be set upon at least 1/2 inch kiln posts to all air to flow beneath. Make sure to use kiln wash on the kiln shelf. 


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