96 COE Glass Supplier  & Manufacturer
COE96 Oceanside Compatible

Make Go fusing your only supplier of 96 COE Oceanside Compatible Sheet Glass! We also Manufacturer Coloured Sheet Glass in Specialty and custom designs, System 96® fusible. We loved Spectrum Glass Color Formulas from the beginning! COE96 is our primary focus for fusible glass components. We offer our own Go Fusing line of Oceanside Glass System 96® compatible Coloritz tm products:  Handmade Custom Sheet Glass Collage, Linear, and we brought back the beloved Uroboro Specialty Glass like Mardi Gras Sheet Glass. And... Only found here COE96 Confetti Glass and Multi-Mix Blends of colors. But wait!..there is more, we are making our own line of Milliefiori Geometric Murrini and just Murrini designs. For the everyday staple COE96 Glass Frit color offerings rest assured we continue to expand.

Announcing Confetti Glass at the 2017 Glass Craft Expo

It is time to make Go Fusing your only 96 COE Supplier of Oceanside Glass and System 96!