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Using Hi Fire wire to hang fused glass or making jewelry

Hi Temperature wire is measured by Gauge, thickness of the wire and can withstand heat up to 2000 degree Fahrenheit (1,093 Celsius).

24 Gauge Wire: Is used for making fused glass or ceramic jewelry as it is more pliable and delicate.

17 Gauge Wire: Is used for heavier, thicker and/or larger fused glass projects because it will be supportive and durable for structural hanging needs.

Both the 24 and 17 Gauge are a Nickel Chromium wire, commonly called Nichrome Wire.

Top 3 Important considerations when choosing a High Fire wire:

1. Nichrome Wire Jump Rings are not all the same. Purchasing them precut and bent is enticing but many are difficult to bend.(see below)

2. Nickel Chromium (Nichrome) wire is made of a non-magnetic alloy composed primarily of nickel, chromium, and iron.

Nichrome 60: If you are making jewelry and fusing the wire into the glass, consider if the wire will be touching skin as many people have nickel allergies. In this case the 60 means 60% nickel so you may want to consider using a silver wire instead.

3. Wire Oxidation: Because you are firing the Hi Temp wire in a kiln it would be important know if the Nichrome wire will have good oxidation resistance. Nichrome types: 30 thru 80 have a much higher resistance to oxidation, turning brown or green. Particularly 70 is not subject to turning green.

Most of the time you can wire brush the wire after it is fired if oxidation occurs but getting a higher quality Nichrome Wire to start with will elimination or minimize this issue.

Bending Hi Temp Wire before Fusing into Glass or Ceramics:

For Jewelry Making purchasing the U shaped Jump Rings are easy to use and save you time because they are already cut and are made into bent hooks that are a uniform size.

But, the ends of the use shape are straight and if you do not get a good fuse, the jewelry is too heavy, or the person wearing the jewelry is very active, the jewelry can pull off of the Jump Ring.

It is recommended that you clean your fingers and wires to remove any oils before firing and consider bending the ends of the wire at 45 to 90 degrees before firing. This will prevent them from sliding out later.

For Larger and Heavier fused glass or ceramic pieces it is even more important that you bend the ends of the wire at a 90 degree angle before firing in the kiln.

Techniques to Hide a Hi Fire Wire when Making Jewelry in Glass or Ceramics:

1. Of course opaque make it easier to hide the wire. When using transparent glass, making the wire part of the design overall is a consideration or strategically placing darker colors over the wire area.

2. Consider placing Dicro Slide, Dichroic Glass or Fused Glass Decals over the location of the wire.