How to Weave Glass
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How to Weave Glass

How to weave glass into Glass Artwork

What is glass weaving (Also called interweave)? Alternating fused glass strips and fusing them for a permanent shape which can be slumped onto fused glass molds to create a desired shape.

We also have two free fused glass projects available that do not require an Interweave Glass Mold:
- Plaid Fused Glass Plate
- Spectrum Weave Fused Glass Plate

Instructions for Glass Weaving:

  1. Cut glass into strips 5.5 inches long to fit (small interweave mold #41224) and 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide.
  2. Lay them across the full length of thekiln washed mold, leaving about 1/8" space between them.
  3. Make sure mold is elevated and sitting on small kiln posts on kiln shelf.
  4. Slump Fuse at 1250 to 1325 for 20 minutes.
  5. After Cooling glass, place woven strips onto a prepared kiln shelf or shelf paper. Flip every other weave upside down and leave at least an 1/8 inch apart. Then weave flat strips of glass in-between each woven strip.
  6. Full fuse Glass Weave Flat.
  7. Place and center flat woven glass onto a prepared mold and then proceed with slumping of dish or vase.


  • If using float glass consider using Devit solution (Item 41506) which you can apply using our Haik brush, the goal is not to leave lines or bubbles in the application of the Spray A Plus solution and avoid devitrification. Opaque glasses are more susceptible to devit simply because the process to make an opaque suspends particles in the glass to give the opaque appearance. This is why clear uncolored glass is the least likely to devit.
  • When selecting glass consider using colors that are opposite ends of the color wheel for a more dramatic look.
  • Consider using Fuser's Glue to hold the woven and plain strips of glass together and allow to dry before full fusing.
  • If you wish to have wider spacing between the strips of glass, consider having a clear glass base for the woven glass to bond too if you do not wish for items to fall thru the larger openings.