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How to Prevent Fusing Color Decal Issues

When working with colored decals things can go wrong even if you have read and understand our Free Glass Tips and Tricks on How to use Colored Glass decals.

Fusible glass or ceramic colored decals are a type of waterslide decal that can be fired in your kiln to a full fuse at 1450 degrees. But, not all colored decals are created equal. Many will fade and/or have poor graphic quality where you will see a series of dots.

We test fire all of our colored decals and only offer those that produce the best quality.

What Went Wrong with my glass? As in the fusible glass decal in the photo above, you can see on the darker glass the same exact decals almost disappear.

Answer: This can be caused by several things: the color of the glass, full fuse firing or capping with clear glass.

Solution: Most colored decals need to be fired on lighter or while colored glass in order to retain the most vivid colors. Always full fused your glass and then apply your decal to the surface of the glass and fire the decal to a tac fused of 1325 degrees F for not more than 10 minutes. Lastly, never cap a colored decal with clear glass and then perform a full fuse.