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How to fire ceramic or glass decal firing temperatures

Select the Type of decal to determine firing Temperatures:

Kiln Firing Temperatures for Fused Glass Decals:

Low Fire Glass Decals

1100 degrees Fahrenheit - 593 Celsius

Hi Fire Glass Decals:

1425 degrees Fahrenheit - 774 Celsius

Kiln Firing Temperatures for a Waterslide Decal i.e. Ceramic Decal:

We recommend you use our  Pyrometric Cone Conversion Chart for Waterslide Decals, Ceramic Bisques Porcelain and China, as there are many different kiln, controllers and cones being used in the ceramic industry.  Our Pyrometric Cone Conversion Chart will assist you with almost any item your are firing in your kiln and the decals firing temps.


Hi Temp Best Results

  1. Preheat slowly to 1,000 °F [578 °C] to allow the decal medium to burn off excess & avoid pinholes or blisters.
  2. It is also important to allow ventilation in the kiln (no peephole plug and crack the lid open slightly) up to the 1,000 °F [578 °C]. Then close and proceed to the heat-soak around 1,250 °F [677 °C] (for best results) up to 1,430 °F [775 °C] for 8 to 10 minutes. Note: When you full fuse glass and a decal simultaenously, remember as the glass moves so does the decal.  If you can full fuse your glass then apply a decal in a 2nd firing, you will retain the density of the decal color and the fine lines.

Note For Fused Glass: If decal covers the entire surface of the base layer only with the intention of capping it with clear glass, you should pre-fire the base only with the decal to at least 1,250 °F [677 °C] to burn off medium & bond decal to glass base. Allow the base to cool, cap with clear glass and proceed with a full fuse. If you do not pre-fire, the cap glass can slide off the base glass because there is no glass to glass contact allowing glass fusing to occur. (A full surface decal coverage of a clear cap is fine.)

DECAL APPLICATION (for Fused Glass or Ceramic Waterslide)

Clean your hands & glass surface.

Remove protective paper slip cover.

Soak decal in slightly warm water, distilled is best, 15-20 seconds. (Keep water clean)

Do not allow decal to float off the paper or you will need tweezers to retrieve & apply to glass.

Slide the decal off the paper onto the glass surface. Gently push out any air bubbles from under the decal by gently rolling your finger tip from the center to the outer decal edge. (Use a fine needle to pierce any air bubbles. Decals need to be flat for best results.)

Allow decal to dry completely before firing.