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Combing Dicro Slide with DecalsDicro Slidelayering Dicro Slide & Decals

How to Combine Dicro Slide with Decals

We call this technique "The Double Slide"!

This works really well with our black and white fine line and detailed decals.

This technique also has the added benefit of allowing you to be able to use a black decal on black glass or white decal on a white glass!!!

Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

The real key to success is multiple firings of your glass. Fire the Glass or Glass and Dicro Slide™ and then tack fuse the Black or White decal to the surface of your glass. You could fire up to 3 times to reach the desired look but it will be awesome!

1. Pick out your decal and make sure it will fit the precut glass shape.

2. If you can, use a clear piece of glass placed onto the decal. (Leave the protective cover sheet on the decal when you trace around the glass.) Then cut the decal out still leaving the protective tissue cover in place.

3. Trim the decal to remove any excess decal around the outer edges. Place the decal cut-out onto the back side of a piece of Dicro Slide™ and trace around it. Then cut out the Dicro Slide™ making sure the decal and Dicro Slide™ are the same size.

4. There are two ways to use the Dicro Slide™:

  • For a softer dichroic look, apply the Dicro Slide™ to the base glass, cap it with clear glass and full fuse.
  • Full fuse your two layers of glass, apply the Dicro Slide™ to the surface of the glass and then tack fuse it for a permanent bond.

5. After the glass and Dicro Slide™ are fired and in place, apply the decal so that it is aligned over the Dicro Slide™ and Tack Fuse it to permanently bond it to the glass. Voila! A professional look at far less cost.

NOTES on using Dicro Slide™ BELOW:

1. The paper covers for the Decals and Dicro Slide™ are important, they keep the oils and dirt from your fingers off the surface of these items and protect it more from your handling.

2. Less handling of the Decal or Dicro Slide™ is important to keep them from crazing (breaking up the solid look). It is best to use tweezers to get it onto the glass.

3. Gently smooth out bubbles or wrinkles by using your fingers. Try to touch the Dicro Slide™ as little as possible so as not to rub off the ink or dicro coating. Press straight down in the center and roll your finger across the surface instead of stroking the surface.

4. Allow the Dicro Slide™ to dry completely before placing a clear glass on top and firing it in your kiln or even when applied to the surface. Drying time will keep the Dicro Slide™ from steaming and bubbling off, creating cracks in the Dicro Slide™ to appear upon firing the glass.


  • Our Dicro Decal Designs™ are created using Dicro Slide™. Our designs are exclusive and give you an instant Dichroic shape.
  • Use of any Dicro Slide™ is almost like clear Dichroic glass. When you fire onto white glass as it will become pastel like and almost transparent.
  • It is important to remember that Dicro Slide™ is only a thin layer of Dichroic on a decal transfer medium with a paper backing to hold the shape. It should be handled and stored with great care so as not to break up the dichroic layer.
  • Use DISTILLED water to avoid adding any other minerals or fluoride treatments from tap water when soaking.
    1. Most people over fire their glass to obtain a full fuse so as the glass is melting (remember the glass is moving as it obtains a molten state) then dichroic will move with the glass. Moving glass can thin out the layer of dichroic and can almost make it disappear.
    2. Best Results: Apply Dicro Slide™ or our Dicro Decal Designs™ as a tack fused to the surface of an already fired piece of glass will produce the best dichroic results.
    3. Glass Color: Base glass colors can produce different looks with Dicro Slide™. Use of white or light glass colors will produce a more pastel almost like a 3D hologram look and use of darker glass will produce a more intense dichroic look.


Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) Color After Firing
RAINBOW Stays Rainbow, colors vary


USING Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper)

Detailed Steps & Supplies:

  • Cut pieces of clean glass in various sized and colors.
  • A shallow container (try a sectioned plastic plate).
  • Clean water and paper towels.
  • Scissors and paper punches in a variety of shapes.
  • Tooth picks for moving Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) onto glass.
  • Long handled tweezers (use on paper side only!)
  • Cut or punch Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) into different shapes and sizes.
  • Soak the Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) pieces in 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Remove the Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) from water, blot gently by touching the edge to paper towel to wick away water.
  • Carefully slide the Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) off the paper using tweezers and on to glass or glazed ceramic (it is stronger than it looks) If Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) does not release easily, soak a few seconds longer. Do not over soak or the dicro coating can dissolve into the water.
  • Use glass and Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) to make layers. Experiment, have fun!
  • Fuse or Fire glass/glazed ceramic as usual.


  • Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) is compatible with ANY COE glass!
  • Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) works well uncapped, but like all genuine Dichoric, it does not fuse to itself or against other metals.
  • GOOD VENTILATION it is important for your health during the burn-out phase. Crack the lid of your kiln to assist ventilation during the burn-out phase (500-900 oF).


Encasing Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper), go ahead and layer your glass like normal and remember not to place Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) against metal.