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How to Bend Glass Stringers

This fused glass technique can also be used with our Glass Enamel Paint Threads. Our Glass Paint Sticks can also be bent in this manner but may require more time in the flame.

Our Fusible Glass Stringers are approximately 1 mm thick. This is thin enough that you can bend and shape it using an ordinary candle flame.

Our fusible Glass Paint Threads are smaller than 1 mm in diameter and length but can also be bent in this manner. The Glass paint threads do require more time in the flame to achieve bending. Because they are shorter in length, you will need to use protective gloves and tweezers to protect yourself from the head of the flame.

Both the fusible Glass Stringers and Glass Enamel Paint Threads will spread out and change shapes during a full fuse of your glass project.

See the Heart Project: Glass Paint Thread Project Example

Items needed:

  • Tweezers are optional but needed if the pieces of glass are short. The shorter the glass piece, the longer the tweezers that should be used to hold them. NOTE: you can also use needle nose pliers with insulated handles
  • Gloves to protect you from the heat of the glass and/or tweezers.
  • Candle and matches.
  • A Piece of aluminum foil to protect your work surface.

Step 1: Light the candle and make sure it is in a candle holder or a stable base. Then set it on top of a piece of aluminum foil in case the wax or glass drips.

Tip: We recommend "Pure Beeswax Candles" They burn clean with very little smoke, have a higher melting point & burn brighter. Of course small torches will also work.

Step 2: Hold the stringer at each end, so that the middle of the stringer is in the flame. You can hold the stringer with pliers or tweezers if you prefer.

After only a few seconds (10 to 20 seconds), the stringer or enamel paint thread will soften and you can bend it in the heat.

Tip: The hottest part of the flame is at the tip of the flame.

A long handle stainless steel bead tweezer is a very helpful tool for gripping and providing distance from the flame.

This process will take a bit of practice to understand how long to hold the glass in the flame and when to turn your glass or bend your wrist to get the desired shape. Too little time in the flame, the stringer won't be hot enough to melt and bend. Too much time in the flame, the stringer will burn right through.

Add your finished glass stringers to the top of your fused glass project or place them between layers of glass before performing a full fuse for a very unique glass design style.