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How to Apply Dicro Slide

Dicro Slide™ How to use Dicro Slide

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Cut to size or design and best to soak the pieces in distilled water at room temperature until the surface starts to slide from the paper backing.

2. Slide them onto the glass using tweezers or onto glazed ceramic and smooth out bubbles or wrinkles. NOTE: Use your fingers as little as possible so as not to rub off the dicro coating and avoid creasing.

3. Place clear glass on top if you want and fire in your kiln.

Instant dichroic glass. How can this be? Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) is created with the same vacuum deposition process used to put dichroic coatings on glass. This is a hi-tech product combining a special paper and a layer of dichroic with stunning results.


  • Our Dicro Decal Designs™ are created using Dicro Slide™.
  • Use of any Dicro Slide™ is almost like clear dichroic glass when you fire onto white glass as it will become pastel like and almost transparent.
  • Always clean your hands and glass surfaces of dirt and oil before applying the Dicro Slide.
  • It is important to remember that Dicro Slide™ is only a thin layer of Dichroic on a decal transfer medium with a paper backing to hold the shape. It should be handled and stored with great care so as not to break up the dichroic layer.
  • Use DISTILLED water to avoid adding any other minerals or chloride treatments from tap water when soaking.


A. Most people over fire their glass to obtain a full fuse so as the glass is melting (remember the glass is moving as it obtains a molten state) then dichroic will move with the glass. Moving glass can thin out the layer of dichroic and can almost make it disappear.

B. Best Results: Apply Dicro Slide™ or our Dicro Decal Designs™ as a tack fused to the surface of an already fired piece of glass will produce the best dichroic results.

C. Glass Color: Base glass colors can produce different looks. Use of white or light glass colors will produce a more pastel almost like a 3D hologram look and use of darker glass will produce a more intense dichroic look.


Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) Color After Firing
RAINBOW Stays Rainbow, colors vary


USING Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper)

Detailed Steps & Supplies:

  • Cut pieces of clean glass in various sized and colors.
  • A shallow container (try a sectioned plastic plate)
  • Clean water and paper towels
  • Scissors and paper punches in a variety of shapesTooth picks for moving Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) onto glass
  • Long handled tweezers (use on paper side only!)
  • Cut or punch Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) into different shapes and sizes.
  • Soak the Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) pieces in 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Remove the Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) from water, blot gently by touching the edge to paper towel to wick away water.
  • Carefully slide the Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) off the paper using tweezers and on to glass or glazed ceramic (it is stronger than it looks) If Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) does not release easily, soak a few seconds longer. Do not oversoak or the dicro coating can dissolve in the water.
  • Use glass and Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) to make layers. Experiment, have fun!
  • Fuse or Fire glass/glazed ceramic as usual.


  • Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) is compatible with ANY COE glass!
  • Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) works well uncapped, but like all genuine Dichoric, it does not fuse to itself or against other metals.
  • GOOD VENTILATION it is important for your health during the burn-out phase. Crack the lid of your kiln to assist ventilation during the burn-out phase (500-900 oF).


Encasing Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper), go ahead and layer your glass like normal and remember not to place Dicro Slide™ (Dicro Paper) against metal.