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How to address Decal Sliding off Fused Glass

HOW TO ADDRESS DECAL Sliding off Fused Glass

When working with decals things can go wrong even if you have read and understand our Free Glass Tips and Tricks on How to use Glass decals.

Fusible glass decals are a type of waterslide decal that can be fired in your kiln to a full fuse at 1450 degrees. Our newest Black decals (also called a silhouette decal, they are like a shadow) are also Lead Free and made then packaged with biodegradable materials in keeping with our Eco friendly goals by the A Sanborn Corporation.

What Went Wrong with my glass?: As in the fusible glass decal in the photo above, you can see an unrecognizable mess under the clear glass cap. It does not look like the gold Celtic decal that was applied.

Answer: Fusible glass decals have a protective paper covering on them to protect the design from getting scratched during handling and storage. Unfortunately, this person did not remove it from the decal before soaking the decal in distilled water and instead applied the paper cover and decal to the glass and then compound the problem by capping it with clear glass so the paper never had a chance to burn off.

Solution: Cut out your waterslide decal design and then remove the protective paper covering before placing it in the water to soak.

TIP. If you mistakenly soaked your decal with the paper cover on it, go ahead and apply it to the surface of your glass. Blot the decal dry with a paper towel but do NOT apply pressure to the decal. If you take a needle an gently push around the edges you may get lucky enough to start the paper cover to separate from the decal and you can use tweezers to pull gently backwards across the decal to remove the tissue cover.

Note: If applying the waterslide decal to the base glass, allow it to dry completely before capping it with clear glass.

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