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When you place an order via the internet you will NOT receive an imprint but an email of the credit card transaction from A SANBORN CORPORATION. By checking the box terms and conditions and the "Checkout" button below, you acknowledge that you are giving us permission to deduct the funds for this order including any shipping and/or applicable sales tax from your credit card account and that you in acceptance of Our Sales Policy.

Our Promise:

We promise to serve the public, as nearly as we can, to its complete satisfaction and will try to be fair and reasonable with each customer on any complaint or adjustment, always considerate of the customer's point of view.

It is very important that you inspect your order upon arrival and contact us within 10 days if there are any issues.  If you wait longer then it is possible that product may not be available or that you cannot file a claim for the basic default insurance coverage provided by the carrier or for any additional insurance coverage you purchased and added to your order.  Carriers may not cover any damages from handling or transit and outside a set time frame such as 30 days and it will become your financial burden if you do not contact us quickly.   We appreciate your timeliness so that we can address any issues, provide the best advice and assist you with your order.


International Orders:  We have some great information below and have created a Special Tips  page to assist you.

Out of Stock: A Gray Box displayed in place of the quantity entry box means that item is in restocking. Our shopping cart by default will not allow you to order some Out of Stock Items. 

Note: Stock count can on occasion be off by one, this usually means someone else was ordering the same item and they checkout prior to you as our shopping cart is a 1st come 1st service. 

Note 2: We do NOT Back Order items so when an order is pulled for packing if the item is Out of Stock, we will refund you for the item and ship your order.  We will note this on your copy of the invoice included with your order.  If we know items are being delivered soon or if there is another item that may be a good substitute, we will contact you with the choices prior to shipping.  If we can not reach you within 24 to 36 hours, we will ship your order.


Pre-Ordering: We allow pre-ordering for some Out of Stock items when we have  true arrival date.  We will set the product to allow pre-ordering of the product and post the expected date when it can be shipped. This will allow you to place your order.

Note: Any order containing Pre-Order product will be held until all pre-ordered items are in stock so the order can be shipped complete with only one shipping fee unless other arrangements are made.

Ordering Custom or Large Quantities: If you need a specific item or a large quantity, please email or call us so we can give you more specific time frame for when it is expected to be in stock or provided you better pricing.   Normal restocking takes 10 days to 3 weeks depending upon the item.  Custom items are similar but can take longer. If you are ordering an item over 10 in quantity, please review our Return Items policies.

NOTE: We do not see or keep credit card information; all orders are electronically process thru a secure gateway directly to the merchant accounts.

Phone Ordering: We can take orders over the phone (727-397-3073 9am to 4:30pm EST Mon-Fri) but we do NOT save any credit card information on file. 

Email of Faxed Orders: We can take an order via email or fax and then send a request for payment via email where you can pay using PayPal or a credit card securely and safely and this information is electronically processed thru a secure gateway directly to the merchant account.

Minimum Orders:  Retail Orders = $10  Wholesale Orders = $70

Time Frame: Orders are normally fulfilled in 2 business days and shipped via Priority Mail (approximate 2 business days of ship time).

Custom Cut Orders:  If you have selected a concierge item that is custom cut, this can add up to 2 days to your order.  If you need precut glass shapes, the time needed depends up on the glass required and other production runs in progress.  We ALWAYS recommend planning ahead for large volume orders.

Large orders or Wholesale Orders: may take up to 5 business days.  It is important to make a notation in the "Comment Field" during the checkout if you have some special due date or requirements. On a rare occasion, we may partial ship in two shipments to complete an order, you are not charged any additional shipping for split orders beyond what you paid initially during checkout. If you do not wish any split shipment, please tell us in the comment field during the checkout process.

Wholesale Orders: Click on the Login button on our website to see current requirements. General Public promotions do NOT apply to wholesale orders.  If there are special promotions for the Wholesale customer they will be clearly stated in a separate email to just Wholesale customers.

Orders Not Fulfilled:  It is our civil right to refuse to do business with any person and to cancel any order that may be considered being used for the intention of copying our products or for duplicating our sources. This policies back by law and is everyone's legal right in effect since 1915 in the United States.

Sales Tax: We only collect Sales Tax on purchases shipped to an address within the state of Florida. Sales Tax rates are subject to change. If you wish to resell you must have established a wholesale account prior to ordering and we will have you Re-sale Tax ID on file.

Prices and Availability

We work on our website live and do not shut down the store access so as not to bother our customers.  Note: We are constantly updating products, pricing and inventory quantities.  So, it is possible that on occasion pricing, options, etc. could be incorrect for a few minutes during these updates. All though it is rare, we reserve the right to correct any order that may have gotten placed or cancel it. 

When we see an order that is incorrect, we compare the pricing and descriptions to update the orders to an accurate match our product selections. If we are unsure, we will contact the customer but do everything possible to not delay shipping a customer’s order.

Basically, if you are ordering something and the price or shipping is too good to be true, then you know it is not right. Bottom line, we are not Wal-Mart but a small glass business trying to keep up with our customer demands. We are an honest business and do not try to falsely represent any product.  Everyday technology updates or simple human mistake can occur and we hope you will understand that we will not honor orders that cause us grave losses and would rather cancel the order entirely.



Discounts & Coupons: Active discounts when applicable to an item will display in red above the item. Special discounts will be noted within the items description. If you do not see the discount display above an item then that item is excluded from a store wide discount.  Most of the time this is because it is a large item, like a kiln, which has distribution or manufacture restrictions or is a direct drop shipment from the manufacture.  These items will have specific discounts available on occasion but not necessarily at the same time as other items in our online store and will be noted in the item description.

Current promotions and effective dates are posted in the newsletter and on the home page rotating images.

Coupons must be entered exactly as provided, this includes upper and lower case.  Example: If the coupon is BONUS, then typing in bonus in lower case letters would not work.  They must be entered in the Coupon field at the bottom of the checkout page where you enter your Billing & Shipping address.

Free Shipping Offers:  May require you to fill in a valid coupon and/or meet some minimum order amount.  When a Free Shipping offer is chosen it is our right to determine the method of shipping that will be used regardless if the shipping methods auto generate a method.  It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us in the comment field during checkout, via email or a phone call immediately if there are any special deadlines or requirements and to do so within the first 24 hours. We will do our best to accommodate a customer's required deadlines within reason and will communicate with them if we are unsure if we can meet the deadline.  We normally ship orders out within 24 to 48 hours but can take up to 4 days.



Shipping Cost: The amounts indicated for shipping, reflect estimates for delivery within the continental U.S. Your online order statement will include a calculation of shipping charges. However, your actually shipping charges will be based on the actual weight of the entire order, including packaging, if it requires more than one box and/or if you have requested insurance coverage. In cases where more than one item is ordered, you total shipping cost might be lower than what is calculated on your online order statement.

Shipping Carriers: We ship the majority of orders using USPS Priority & First Class Mail, unless otherwise requested. Wholesale orders may be shipped using UPS.  Orders shipped to other countries outside the US, often require customs forms to be completed and may require the customer to pay some duty charges.

Shipping Costs: Are automatically calculated electronically by the combine weight of all items ordered via electronic interface to the USPS computers at the time the customer is checking out.

Express Shipping: When placing an order as Express, it does not mean it will go out overnight.  Order must go thru the packing and shipping department and this takes a minimum of 24 to 36 hours.  Then the item will be sent Express mail. USPS definition of Express mail: "Express Mail® is our fastest service for time-sensitive letters, documents or merchandise. Guaranteed next-day and second-day delivery nationwide or your money back.".  See:  USPS Express Mail for further details and how to file a claim using your tracking number.

Note on Delivery Time Frames: International Orders always take longer than US deliveries due to the extra distance and time needed for clearing thru customs. On average 10 to 14 days but the closer to Christmas the order is placed, unfortunately, the longer it takes to receive an order as the customs departments and delivery services are overwhelmed with higher volumes.  The average can go as high as 3 weeks delivery, even when ordering using Priority mail.  Planning ahead by ordering in November is best if needed for the Christmas holiday.  

NOTE: IF your address is non deliverable and it is returned to us, this may take 8 to 10 weeks and we will refund the cost of the items you purchase but not the shipping, as long as the items are in original good condition for resale.  Broken, items missing parts are not refundable.

Tracking:  Every order is process thru the USPS website and you will receive an email with your tracking number from the USPS automated system which may take up to 2 days and because we ship via Priority Mail, you may find that you often receive the package before your receive your tracking email from USPS.

International Order Tracking:  USPS Tracking, tracing, insurance, or inquiries are not provided as part of the service for First Class Mail International, Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes and Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate priced boxes, and foreign posts are not required to capture the scans. 

(All though we do not have many packages lost, if you want 100% assurance of protection, then you should use the Priority Mail option as it is insured to $50, when selecting the method of shipping. Other Priority mail options, including Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes and Express mail, typically run $11+ higher in costs but can have tracking and insurance capabilities)

- Flat Envelopes (1/4 inch thick (6.35 mm)or less):  Are sent thru the 1st class mail system and most of the time, do not go thru each countries Customs Department.   This type of order is normally comprised of items such as Decals, Dicro Slide, Dicro Decal Designs and some small findings but will not include glass since they require more packing materials.

- Packages sent via First Class mail:  Are considered any bubble envelope or box over 1/4 inch thick (6.35 mm).  We are required to attach a USPS Customs Form and will have a Custom's number for that package but foreign posts are not required to capture this tracking number and once the package leaves the US there is no way to track it further and will require you to contact your local post office and/or custom's department.

Contacting USPS:  Call  800-275-8777 (US only)  Click here for:  Email Form via their website.


Return/Exchange Policy: YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN. When you receive an order, take a look at it and HOLD ONTO THE ORIGINAL BOXES AND PACKAGING.

We are a glass manufacturer and art glass education website and we want to help you to be happy with your orders. If you don't know exactly what you need or are not sure of a product:

-  Read thru a Free Project of a similar nature to what you are trying to create for the detailed instructions.  -  Please use the "Ask Us a Question" link on any product detail page.  

-  Look for our contact information at the bottom of most pages on our website.  

- Use the email form on our Contact Us page  

-  Read thru the extensive Tips and Tricks section on details  and  how to use products.

All of the above information s to help you know if a product will work for you and within your budget.

We also encourage you to order small shipments of items if you are testing or planning on creating large quantities of artwork, "BEFORE" ordering bulk quantities as we cannot be responsible for the design or artistic application process specific to your desired results.

Over 99% of our customers are satisfied. We would rather lose a sale than ship products to people who have expectations that we cannot meet or who could end up unhappy with us. So please stop and contact us for more information prior to placing your order so that we can make sure you will be happy and hopefully very successful with our products.

Return Authorization (RMA #): If you do have a problem with any merchandise or are not completely satisfied, contact us at (727) 397-3073 for a Return Authorization Number, within 14 days of receipt. We will provide a Return to Address at the time the RMA # is issued with the exception of items (mostly large volume or specialty items) that fall into Non-Returnable or may have a restocking fee (see below).

Repack your item(s), including ALL parts, accessories and manuals, along with the original packing material (only if it's in good condition).

Note: Items returned more than 30 days after delivery, not in sellable condition, require us to repackage, or are missing parts, may be charged either a 15% restocking fee (see below) or may not eligible for a refund.

•Ship the item(s) back to us with a copy of your receipt.
•Include the RMA # on the copy of the receipt & on the outside of the package.
•The item must be shipped insured, signature required to the RMA address we provided.
•Shipments without an RMA # will be refused.
•Exchanged Items will require that we are in receipt of your item and it is in good condition before we will ship you the required items in return. •Customers are responsible for costs of shipping items back and depending upon circumstances may be responsible for the shipment of the new items but this will be clarified upfront in the initial request for the return.

NON Returnable Items:
•Items that are heavy or large (items that ship by freight) may NOT be returned. Items such kilns may not be returned. If they are defective, you will either receive a replacement directly from the Kiln Manufacturer or it they will take care of repairs; but we do not accept returns on items that ship by freight or are a direct manufacturer responsibility.
•Also, items that are "special ordered/quoted" cannot be returned.
•Items stated as non-returnable on the product's detail page may not be returned.
•Items that you have installed cannot be returned.
•Items that are not brand new and/or missing any of the manufacturer's packaging cannot be returned.
•Items that have been specially manufactured for your order may not be returned.
•Items that have been cut-to-order or are consider a high volume order may not be returned.

Restocking Fee: We have a standard restocking fee of 15% on each item of a quantity of 10, if an item is not in resale condition, requires us to repackage and label or we may have already ordered replacement stock and now will have more than needed sitting in stock. You may wish to consider a reorder, exchange or credit. 

We always try to be most reasonable whenever possible.
•If you wish to return a product and do not place an exchange or reorder for items of equal quantities or value, the restocking fee of 15% "may" be applied. If a reorder is placed for a similar product (costing nearly the same amount), the restocking fee may be lowered from 15% to 10% or eliminated entirely.
•For a product to be considered a "reorder", it must be for a product that directly replaces the item that's being returned, in both price and type. For example: If a $20.00 precut glass kit is returned, the reorder must be for a product of comparable value.
•Please note that if for some reason the reorder must be returned, the restocking fee for the return of the reorder will be at least 25.
•Items returned after 30 days are subject to a 15% restocking fee or may not be returnable at all. We will let you know our decision when we respond to your request.
•Your reorder must be placed prior to your credit being processed. If you wish to reorder right away, reference will be made to your return on your reorder to ensure that you receive the lower restocking fee. If you need to apply your credit to you reorder, you can do so, but we will need to receive the product and/or credit for the product before doing so.
•If you return a product, reorder, and then return the reordered product, you will be assessed a restocking fee of at least 25% for the return of the reorder.
•In the past we have shipped products over and over again until our customers found something they liked. We do not ship "trial" products; we choose not to operate this way.
•There is substantial cost in processing orders and shipping products. There is also cost in returning products; messages must be answered, RMA’s issued, products received and restocked, paperwork processed and mailed, etc. For this reason, we adhere strictly to our Return Policy to keep those rare customers from "trying" and "trying" products.

Defective Products:  You must contact us within thirty (10) days of receiving your order, if any product proves to be defective. Please DO NOT ship the product back to us without contacting us first and receiving an RMA number and return instructions. After we receive the defective merchandise, we will inspect it and/or test it if need be, and we will ship back to you (at our expense) a non-defective replacement product.

Should we determine that the product is in fact defective (and was returned in accordance to our return instructions/policy), we will not only pay the cost of shipping the new non-defective product to you, but we will also reimburse you for Priority Mail rates/charges (not Express Mail), for shipping the defective product back to us. This does not include any 3rd party processing fees imposed by some shipping companies. This offer is only good in the Continental U.S. If you ship the product back to us from outside of the 48 states, you will need to pay for the cost of sending the product to us and we will refund you the equivalent of the US cost of shipping.

If the product is defective, you will receive a replacement. If you choose to return the defective item, rather than replace it, we will charge a 15% restocking fee and your original shipping and processing charges will not be refunded. Also, items returned after 30 days are subject to a higher restocking fee or may not be returnable at all (we will let you know if this applies to your return). The return of the product is at your expense. We believe that this is a fair policy because lower overhead results in lower prices for all of our customers.

If after 30 days of receiving your product, it proves to be defective, we would like for you to deal with the manufacturer and will be happy to provide you that contact information. Whatever policy the manufacturer has will determine how you will proceed. We supply products; we do not warranty products and after thirty days we leave it up to the manufacturers. There may be instances when the manufacturer, once they have been contacted, will ask that we help in the replacement process.

If this is the case, we will assist you and the manufacturer with the return process. However, 30 days after receiving your product, it will be necessary for you to contact the manufacturer first.

Insurance: If you want your package to be insured above the basic default coverage provided by the carrier you must check the Box on the Check out page and any costs will be added to your order.  Each carrier's basic coverage provided varies in the amount.  Most orders are shipped using Http:/www.USPS.com and you should review their website for the exact amounts.  As of 10/14/21 this is $50 for most shipments using Priority mail only, not 1st class mail.  For any concerns or questions please use the "Comment Box" during check-out.

Note: All deliveries that are insured will require a signature so please make sure you are available to sign or can get to the post office during their hours to sign and pickup your package.  

Expedited Shipping: You must request a quote in the Comment Box during check-out, otherwise shipping time is based upon USPS priority mail or UPS Ground. UPS Next Day, Second Day and Third Day delivery is also available at an additional cost depending on the weight of your order.

Delivery Times:  Each order is shipped within 24 to 48 hours whenever possible (especially during the Christmas season) Because we try not to split ship orders, on a rare occasion an order can take up to 4 business days to be shipped.

You can expect delivery in 3 to 10 business days,  excluding weekends and holidays. The delivery time frames are based upon the carrier used, USPS or UPS, etc. We enter your email address when possible into the shipping carriers system so you will receive your Tracking# to allow you to track or trace your delivery. 

Currently shipments addresses outside of the USA to Canada may be limited to areas based upon our carriers.

Delivery Addresses: We strive to maintain a high level of customer service and we take extra precautions to avoid fraud. If the delivery address does not match the address on your Credit Card Statement we reserve the right to inquire for further explanation and in the worse case we may refuse the shipment. 

Please fill in your street address information (or ship to address information, if different), we reserve the right to determine if we will ship to an address that may be different than the registered credit card address. 

Damage Claims Insurance is your optional choice, if you do not indicate you want insurance and there is damage to the merchandise, you should address your lost with the carrier upon delivery. If you requested insurance, damage or shortage on USPS shipments, you must keep damaged merchandise with its original carton. If you see any obvious damage, note it on the delivery slip that you sign. Call your local USPS office to schedule an inspection of the damage. When the original package is returned to us, we will replace the damaged merchandise at no additional charge but you must return it to the address we provide with the RMA # clearly marked on the outside of the package and inside on the copy of the invoice.

Lost Orders:  On a rare occasion, an order will be lost in shipping. This normally is reflected in the tracking history where no delivery data is displayed.  You should immediately file a Missing Package claim with USPS.
- Priority mail US normally arrives in 2 to 3 days, International 10 to 12 days.
- 1st Class mail US can take up to 5 days and International 15 days.  

We email you the tracking information upon shipment and it is available in your Customer Login Account.

We recommend you track your order on the USPS website

If you have not received a Priority mail it within 4 days and 10 if 1st class based upon above mentioned time frames or if USPS says it was delivered then you should check the immediate area where a parcel would be left, check with family and neighbors and leave a copy of the tracking with your phone number in your mailbox for your carrier telling them you did not receive the item and ask for more details. Contacting your local Postmaster is highly recommended as they know who would be running your delivery route and can check further in-house or the vehicle that was used in the delivery. 

Reporting to the PostMaster is important too because they may know of other issues in your neighborhood or could be working with the police. If you suspect theft you should also report this to the local police state.

If a package shows delivered but you can not locate the package, your last alternative is to file a missing package claim with the tracking numbers. If you want to file a reimbursement claim, this can only be done after 30 days and you must provide a photo of the damage.  When the post office shows it delivered then a reimbursement claim may not be accepted. NOTE: USPS only insures the value up to $50.

Once an order has left our shipping department, use of the USPS tracking number must be used and you must file a claim with the carrier but only if it is a Priority Mail package.  First class mail requires you to have purchased the optional insurance.  We do our best to provide all needed information to assist you in recovery and/or replacement. We do encourage our customers to pay for the optional Insurance coverage (by checking this box during checkout) to cover any losses for an order, especially, for High dollar value orders or orders being shipped outside the US, even if it is a first class mail order.  Once the package leaves our possession it is the customers responsibility especially when out of the country orders reach the Customs department in the customer's country.

Missing Items:  On a rare occasion, an item may not be packed in the order.  Once you received your order, go thru the entire order and check items off your packing list.  If an item is missing, please contact us within 10 days so we can take care of any missed or mistaken items.  Timeliness is important if we are to correct any issues at our end and in order to ship out the corrected items. If you wait longer than 30 days then we are unable to refund your credit card because it is no longer electronically available thru Merchant Accounts. 

Please call us at (727) 397-3073 (EST 9 am to 4:30 pm) to discuss any shipping concerns or leave us a detailed message.